Introduction to the Organization of Information

Introduction to the Organization of Information

Study Cycle: 1




ECTS credit:9

Lecturer(s): asist. dr. Jug Tjaša, doc. dr. Jamar Nina, doc. dr. Koler Povh Cvetka Teja, prof. dr. Šauperl Alenka


• Publications and documents, records and information about publications and documents, information from them:
o Publication and document types
o Publications, documents, their records and information about them in libraries and other information services
• Development of publications and documents, development of records about them through time
• Preparing document and publication records
o Records for different kinds of publications and documents.
o bibliography
o Library catalogs: descriptive and subject cataloging of monographic publications
o Structure and role of the record for different kinds of publications, documents and users
• Information transfer in scientific and professional public:
o Information organization for information retrieval and transfer to the users
• Organization of collections of publications, documents and information:
o Shelf and storage arrangement of collections
o Organization of library collection
o Organization of digital collection (metadata and retrieval)