BA Thesis

BA Thesis

Study Cycle: 1




ECTS credit:5

Lecturer(s): asist. dr. Omladič Luka, doc. dr. Cerkovnik Borut, doc. dr. Hribar Sorčan Valentina, izr. prof. dr. Pribac Igor, prof. dr. Božovič Miran, prof. dr. Dolar Bahovec Eva, prof. dr. Kobe Zdravko, prof. dr. Komel Dean, prof. dr. Lozar Mrevlje Janko, prof. dr. Markič Olga, prof. dr. Ošlaj Borut, prof. dr. Potrč Matjaž, prof. dr. Šimenc Marjan, prof. dr. Zore Franc, red. prof. ddr. Kalan Valentin, red. prof. dr. Kreft Lev, red. prof. dr. Milčinski Maja, red. prof. dr. Toth Cvetka, red. prof. dr. Ule Andrej, red. prof. dr. Uršič Marko


The student prepares a thesis under the supervision of a teacher and presents it publicly at graduation. The thesis should include an introduction, a working hypothesis, an overview of the research work in the given field, materials and methods for the analysis, an interpretation of the results, a conclusion, and a list of readings and sources employed.