Communication in Information Science

Communication in Information Science




ECTS credit:4

Lecturer(s): prof. dr. Novak Zabukovec Vlasta


Fundamentals of communication. Main theories in communication. Axial and reticular information process. Psychological and communicative characteristics of effective librarians and information specialists. Verbal and non-verbal communication. Conversation opening (developmental levels of information needs, types of information demands, filters in reference talk). Concluding a conversation. Characteristics of reference talk. Formal and functional categorization of verbal questions. Users in reference process. Traditional and alternative studies of users. Scientist-researcher as the most pretentious user: scientists' research process and information needs, formation of research and professional work and use of information. Selected chapters in personality psychology and psychology of communication: factors of personal and interpersonal evaluation, factors of achievements and success, Maslow's hierarchy of motives, definition and types of social skills, emotional intelligence, self-concept. Digital communication.