Oddelek za anglistiko in amerikanistiko

Skupni študentski raziskovalni projekt z Univerzo v Bambergu v Ljubljani in Piranu

Prisrčno vabljeni, da se pridružite študentskemu raziskovalnemu projektu z Univerzo v Bambergu, ki nas bo v začetku maja popeljal v Ljubljano in Piran. Več informacij spodaj:


Dear students,

We are organizing a joint student research project with the University of Bamberg between 6 and 10 May 2024. A group of 12 students led by Professor Manfred Krug will visit Slovenia that week and investigate whether the English we speak is closer to British or American English. 

We are looking for 12 students to join them and work with them both in the classroom and in the field, administering the questionnaire to passers-by. The programme is as follows:
•    There will be an optional meet’n’greet activity in Ljubljana on Sunday 5 May in the evening.
•    On Monday 6 May in the afternoon we will take the bus to Piran. We will spend Tuesday and Wednesday there and busy ourselves with workshops and fieldwork (with some sightseeing as well). 
•    We will return to Ljubljana on Thursday 9 May in the afternoon.
•    There will be some optional activities in Ljubljana on Friday 10 May and Saturday 11 May in the morning.

Here is what the programme offers:
•    An opportunity to learn practical research skills
•    An opportunity to meet fellow students from the University of Bamberg 
•    Free accommodation in Piran 
•    Free transfer Ljubljana-Piran and back
 Note: Participants are responsible for food and other costs

Eligibility: Students of English Studies who are currently studying at the University of Ljubljana. This includes local and international degree students as well as exchange students as long as they are English majors.

To apply, please send an email to monika.kavalir@ff.uni-lj.si by 25 April 2024.

Monika Kavalir


Department of Geography

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