The Culture of Architecture and Living

The Culture of Architecture and Living

Study Cycle: 1

Lectures: 60

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 0

ECTS credit: 6

Lecturer(s): izr. prof. dr. Bartulović Alenka

The subject is composed of two main topics: I. Introduction with an overview of the human history and the history of the Earth including a historical overview of the culture of architecture and living. II. An overview of the basic characteristics of the cultural and natural environment including a presentation of theories of the regionalisation of the Slovenian space. A comprehensive presentation of architectural types from the point of view of society structure and different typological theories. Besides the subject offers the introduction to different cultures and their habitats in relation of historic and stylistic periods from prehistory to contemporary architecture. The second part of lectures is based on the recognition of the environment in which natural and cultural heritage including different forms of settlement come together. The second part also includes basic content, style and structure elements of the culture of architecture and living. The emphasis lies on the functional and phenomenological aspect of the structure of habitats, including the agrarian and the developed technological and industrial cultural environment. The lectures finish with a chapter on the types of traditional construction materials in architecture with emphasis on the meaning of their use in modern buildings.

Course introduces the study of the current living conditions in the comparative perspective and reflects the dynamics in the culture of living and architecture.