Physical Geography I

Physical Geography I

Study Cycle: 1

Lectures: 82

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 7

ECTS credit: 7

Lecturer(s): asist. Stefanovski Sašo, prof. dr. Ogrin Darko, prof. dr. Stepišnik Uroš

- the formation and structure of the Earth,
- volcanic rocks, plutonites and volcanoes,
- sediments and sedimentary rocks,
- metamorphic rocks,
- tectonics and plate tectonics,
- structural relief and isostasy,
- geological epochs,
- use of geological maps in geomorphology,
- weathering and sediment transport methods,
- relief of Slovenia (fluvial, karst, coastal and postglacial),
- the basic definitions of weather and climate,
- Earth and Solar system (the shape and size of Earth, the sistem Earth-Moon, Earth's motions),
- Earth's atmosphere (ozon layer and ozone hole),
- heating the Earth and atmosphere (selective absorption and greenhouse effect, insolation over the Globe, the global energy balance),
- air temperature (daily and annual cycles of air temperature, vertical distribution of air temperature and temperature inversion, world patterns of air temperature),
- air pressure and the general circulation of the Earth's atmosphere (cyclic changes in general circulation of atmosphere, regional and local winds),
- atmospheric moisture and precipitation (global precipitation patterns and precipitation regimes),
- world climates ( Low-, mid- and high latiude climates).