Visual in Anthropology

Visual in Anthropology

Lectures: 30

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 60

ECTS credit: 6

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Lunaček Brumen Ana Sarah

The emphasis of lectures is on theoretical questions which open in the field of visual anthropology. History of visual anthropology and ethnographic film: from observation and realism to consciousness about construction and to reflexivity, from collecting of visual materials to exploring of visual worlds. Questions of subjectivity, reflexivity, narration, multiple voices, construction of the Other, advocacy, indigenism and activism. Post-colonialism and Third cinema.

Critical approach to uses of visual representation in anthropology.

Film as methodological means and means of representation. Experimental and theoretical potentials of uses of film and photography in anthropology.

Research of visual in culture and uses of methodology based on visual techniques. Presentation of spectrum of visual in culture (material culture, art, film and photography, new media, rituals, techniques of the body...). Process of making of visual products, formation of visual environment and communication with visual means. Cultural construction of vision, differences in representational systems. Questions of interpretation and meanings of visual in different contexts. Distinguishing between anthropological and non-anthropological approaches to visual representations. Analysis of audiences. Transmission of knowledge through vision and movement. Sensory anthropology. Importance of drawing and methodological potential of drawing.

Practical courses: deepening of knowledge by additional readings and discussion of selected topics in relation to reflexive view of visual research, approaches to ethnographic film and uses of video in research and theoretical potentials and methodological possibilities of visual research and research of visual in culture. Presentation and analysis of research of visual in culture and research using photography and video. Additional presentation of trends in the field of visual anthropology (like participatory uses of photography and film, including the senses, knowledge transmission, multimedia, connections of ethnography with art and popular culture, applied anthropology, drawing…). Looking for connections of visual methodologies with topics of students' interest. Possibility of filming, editing and analysis of visual material. Possibility of individual and team avdiovisual projects. Possibility of fieldwork.