Slovene Art from 1800 to the Present

Slovene Art from 1800 to the Present

Lectures: 60

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 0

ECTS credit: 5

Lecturer(s): izr. prof. dr. Žerovc Beti

The course brings a historical overview of art in Slovenia in Central European context from 1820 until today (cultural and historical context, formal and iconographic development, presentations of important artists and evaluation of their work etc.).
The course starts with Neoclassicism, continues with Bidermayer and Romanticism, with Historicism and Realism. Important chapters are Moderna and Slovene Impressionism, and new tendencies after the WWI and WWII.
The course deals with art of Slovene artists and also with art of those who migrated here from other parts of Europe. The course tries to explain complex relationships between different influences on Slovene art, which were coming from Italy, Germany and later from Yugoslavia (Zagreb). The course tries to show the strong diversity of Slovene art and to deal with its role in forming Slovene national identity.