Contrastive Analysis of Slovene and English

Contrastive Analysis of Slovene and English

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Seminars: 60

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ECTS credit: 6

Lecturer(s): prof. dr. Sicherl Eva

Theoretical ABCs: Cross-linguistic influence, second language acquisition; interlingual equivalence, tertium comparationis, language levels, culture-specificity and language-specificity. The “strong” version and its subsequent relativization (e.g. inter- and intralingual errors); the “weaker” version, with “scattering” resulting in error analysis, interlanguage studies, contrastive pragmatics, contrastive discourse analysis, contrastive rhetoric, etc. Culture-specificity and conceptualization vs. language-specificity. Practical part: Two languages on micro- and macrolinguistic levels of analysis. A selection of Slovenian-English contrastive topics: lexical (e.g. terminologies, hierarchical systems such as academic titles; lexical and conceptual gaps; false friends; connotation and style; phraseology, esp. collocability), grammatical (e.g. prepositions; verbal aspect; attributive nouns in English; nominal vs. verbal “ways” of using language; participial clauses; conversion; link verbs), and writing conventions (e.g. use of capitals and symbols; treatment of numbers, dates, measures; punctuation marks; typography). Contrastive text analysis.