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Student bursaries for departmental BICLCE conference

Call for student participants at the BICLCE conference


The Department of English is organizing the 9th Biennial International Conference on the Linguistics of Contemporary English (BICLCE) between 15 and 17 September 2022. Over the last two decades, the BICLCE conference has become a platform for various theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of English and its varieties. Previous conferences were held in Edinburgh (2005), Toulouse (2007), London (2009), Osnabrück (2011), Austin TX (2013), Madison WI (2015), Vigo (2017) and Bamberg (2019). With a focus on the holistic presentation of current linguistic research, we look forward to accommodating papers, presentations and workshops on the syntax, morphology, phonology, sociolinguistics, semantics and pragmatics of contemporary English.

The BICLCE conference will feature Bas Aarts, Susan Conrad, Gaëtanelle Gilquin, Manfred Krug and Valentin Werner as the plenary speakers. It will include over 100 individual papers, organized into 3–5 parallel sections (each presentation lasts 30 mins) and four workshops (panels focused on a common topic):

The reduced conference fee for students is 100 euros. The Department of English is proud to offer two types of student bursaries:

  • 5 full bursaries for conference assistants: This bursary covers the full conference registration fee and includes the entire conference programme as well as most of the social programme (lunch, coffee breaks, guided visits etc.), with the exception of the conference dinner and the optional Sunday excursion. Conference assistants are expected to assist the organising committee and the plenary speakers. MA and PhD students who are considering an academic career in linguistics are invited to apply.
  • 10 partial bursaries for student helpers: These positions are meant for BA and MA students who are interested in the topics of the conference. The bursary covers the conference registration fee. Half of the time you will work at the registration desk and half of the time attend conference presentations of your choice. This bursary includes lunch and coffee breaks.

To apply, please email monika.kavalir@ff.uni-lj.si by 15 June 2022 and explain which position you are interested in and why. If you are applying for the full bursary, please include some details about which plenary speaker(s) and/or topics you find particularly interesting.

Monika Kavalir


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