International office (incoming students and professors)

All key information for incoming students and professors

About international office

At the International Office you can obtain all the information you need as an exchange student at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana.

The office (room no. 10) is located on the ground floor, to the left of the faculty's main entrance. 

To find out more about our faculty, you are kindly invited to read our Welcome Guide. Exchange students coming to the Faculty of Arts are welcome to view the tutors section of our website. Make sure you visit our Information board to find out the latest info that might be relevant to you.

Check our 21 departments.

See Timetables for exchange students or check our E-classrooms. Visit also University of Ljubljana's guide to Study in Slovenia.


Office hours

Office Hours: 11 am – 1pm.
anja.golec@ff.uni-lj.si (outgoing)
mobility@ff.uni-lj.si (incoming)
Room 10, ground floor

Who are we?

Head of Professional Services Anja Golec
Phone+386 1 241 1356
Faks+386 1 241 1357
Delovno področjeManaging international student exchange, counselling regarding
study abroad.


Senior ProfessionalsTjaša Ribizel Popič, PhD
Telefon+386 1 241 1044
Faks+386 1 241 1357
Delovno področjeManaging international student exchange, counselling regarding
study abroad, managing international agreements between faculties and universities, managing the process of internationalisation.